Peter Else narrowboats


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3 September 2017

This page is dedicated to  Peter Else who constructed Fenny Marina in the early 1970’s and designed a series of narrowboats all of which were identified by their upswept Canadian Canoe shaped bow.     These highly practical narrowboats were predominantly for the hire fleet that operated out of Fenny  Compton marina these included Big Annie and Devon Dipper.     Several were named “PAM” after Peters long suffering wife of the same name.

Peter returned to boatbuilding in the early 1990’s with a radical design based upon the Yorkshire coal boat the Tom Pudding.     Trading as “Tom Pudding Narrow Boats” the first of these had a square bow but as the design improved  became a complete half circle which meant that for winding the vessel one drove into the quayside and rolled the boat around the bow.      Peter’s Tom Puddings were either 30ft or 35ft and only one “JEBUS” had a forward entrance, all were constructed in a concrete shed at Avon Dassett.  All of the craft were extremely robust and stable.