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Watching Woodend's Weather

We export data to four main sites

One of the Davis Vantage Vue consoles updates to Davis Weatherlink2 and to Weathercloud.

Latest Data from Woodend Weatherlink

Another Davis Vantage Vue console  uses Cumulus to advise

Woodend Weather Underground



A graph of our monthly rainfall data may be found

DigiRain rain counter 


Weathercloud Data


How is it done?  December 2017


A Davis Vantage Vue Console provides data for my own NOAA reports using the delightful Cumulus software.  Using Cumulus it provides fast data to my APRS site and my Weather Underground submissions.  Both of these sets of information may be watched by using  the links above.


I have several Davis Weather stations both Vue and Monitor II.  One Vue blasts information to Davis's Weatherlink site which may be reached again from the link at the top of this page. The weatherlink has a module which feeds the same information to the Weathercloud network


Additionally there is a Netatmo temperature sensor  lurking away somewhere but the Wifi link is so unreliable the rain gauge was removed and one never knows if the device is providing data or not.


A variety of Oregon Scientific bits and pieces  hold hands ocassionally and send data to Oregon's Anywhere Weather...which really could be anywhere!


A Ventus  W177 system just confirms what all the others are telling us.

I ran their W266  station  which had a lightning strike counter but it just fell to pieces.     However in October 2017 I obtained a replacement outside sensor very cheaply from Mr Riechelt and it is back working.



Lastly and highly recommended is Lidl's Auriol Z29536 Weather Station which is cheap, cheerful, very accurate and a delight.