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I.J. Abdella and Mitchell Ltd., Queensferry 1920

201gt.  109ft


MV Eldorita entering Portreath Harbour loaded with coal 1959

Painting oil on board by Clive Carter

reproduced with kind permision of First Light Gallery

 The image upon which Clive Carter based his painting.


The Eldorita was purchased by Hugh and Kenneth Shaw in 1948. The Eldorita was registered at Chester as she was purpose built for the Shotton Steelmaker John Summers as a sister ship to the Indorita.

Hugh and Ken Shaw ran the Eldorita predominently on the Southern Irish and Bristol Channel trade including  the Cornish ports of Hayle and Portreath

Shown in 1952 LLoyds register as No. 58380

The Eldorita was sold in 1963 to new owners in Colchester who traded her to the near continent.  In December 1966  Eldorita ended her days 35 miles off the Hook of Holland having radioed for immediate assistance, she reported that she was listing badly with her engine room flooded.

Her crew was picked up safely by a German ship.


Eldorita in Clonakilty (God Help Us!)

The heading comes from the days when there was a workhouse in Clon. If you were headed there, you were on the way out


Eldorita on the broad Quay in the centre of Bristol

probably unloading bretise (not correct spelling) a gravel exported from Ireland for John Hall Paints  Bristol

and used in the manufacure of paint.